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Hey, I'm roxanne! Welcome to proxy. ✌️

PROXY began as my own personal mental health journey. Anxiety and panic attacks have been part of my life since my late teens.

Some of you may know me through my @rickyrox_ account on social media. As my presence grew on social media and Netflix, so did my anxiety. I decided to open up more about my anxiety and panic to my community, realizing I was really looking for people who related to how I was feeling. I heard back from so many people in my DMs.

That’s why I decided to create PROXY. I want this to be a safe, judgment-free space to talk about anxiety, panic, and mental health.

More plants, less pharma 🌿

Beyond building a supportive community, I faced a personal challenge – finding alternatives to traditional pharma meds. No judgment about meds, I use them! I just wanted other options, too.

I learned techniques like meditation and breathing. And I started experimenting with super-sour candies after seeing a Tik Tok about how sour candies can help to reset your mind during a panic attack.

The sour-method really helped me. So I wanted to explore this more. The sour candies I was eating were loaded with crap ingredients. So I thought about creating a healthy sour candy brand.

But I realized this isn't about a candy fix. This is about a truly sustainable solution for mental wellness, beyond a quick sour fix for the panic moment.

That’s what led me to discover the world of plant medicines, and how plants have been used to help with anxiety, stress and panic attacks for centuries. This began my journey to develop gummies using plant medicine ingredients rather than lab ingredients, AKA herbal botanical active ingredients instead of pharmaceuticals.

Gummy revolution! ䷰

I’m now totally obsessed with these gummies. Not just because they taste incredible, like (healthy) candy. But most important, because they truly support me every day with my well-being. I really hope they can support you, too.

You got this!

XO Roxanne 🖤

join us @feelproxy 👇


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